DREAMS are what you make of them!.... but its the
people that help you make them happen!!.......
Massive thankyou to all my friends and family and local support
To my Coaches, Team mates and British Swimming
To Paralympics GB and UK Sport
To my Sponsors, supporters and everyone who
came to London and made Fantastic crowds!........ London 2012 was Awesome!

My GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE Medals and My Fantastic M.B.E belongs to you

It has been a while since I last blogged to you, and in that period, so much has happened. 
First and foremost amongst the headlines was an amazing Paralympic Games,
where I was able to bring home gold, silver and bronze medals – the full set!  It was brilliant to be able to do that, and I am very grateful for all the support I have had along the

In particular, my thanks go to all at Nova Centurion and my coaches Glenn and Gill for all the hours they  have put in to help me develop as a swimmer.  I was very honoured to have been made a life member of Nova, and hope I can continue to do the club proud in the future.  I am also now hungry for  more competitive success, and time will soon pass by ahead of the World Championships next year.  
Those who have helped support me in my sport, including National Lottery funding, shining stars funding from Nottinghamshire County Council, fund raising from Active Ashfield
and SportsAid also deserve a big thank you.  It simply would not be possible to perform at the levels I do without the support I have had, for which I am very grateful.    

Outside of the water, there  have been lots of appearances.  Whilst the demands of training mean that there is a limit to what I can  do, there have been many highlights.  The support we have had as Paralympians has been fantastic, and it has been great to see the growth of interest in Paralympic sport.  Civic receptions held in both Mansfield and Nottingham were a great honour, and my homecoming in Ashfield was also really special – and thanks to the many of you who turned out to make these events so memorable.  The home support always means a lot to me, and it has been great to be able to share my success with you.  Also, to be able to go to Buckingham Palace and meet members of the Royal Family was an amazing experience which I felt fortunate to be part of.

Other highlights have included my golden post box, which still makes me smile as I pass it each day and some great charity work I’ve done.  Recently, I’ve met up with Variety, and I look forward to doing more work with them in the future.   I have also posed for a charity calendar which is due to hit shops nationwide soon, so I’ll share those details when I have them.  I also had the distinction of addressing the Amateur Swimming Association in Nottingham, which I really enjoyed.

That is all from me for now, but I’ll be in touch soon, and thanks for reading.


THAT time flies is something you often hear, but with the 50 days to go mark
approaching, the clock does seem to be ticking rapidly towards my first
Paralympic Games now.

At this stage in training, we are nearing the point at which things become
more about getting ready for competitive action, having worked hard to build up
our long term fitness.  It is good to know you have reached that point, and to be able to think back about how much you have done and how much hard work you and your coaches have done to reach that point.  

Your mindset begins to shift too, as you think about competitive goals and
what you want to achieve.

My own goals have been fairly simple and consistent, namely to do the best
that I can on the biggest stage I have faced in my career so far.  For me, this big stage is something I am really looking forward to, especially with a home crowd and knowing that a lot of my family and friends will be there to cheer me on.  

Recently, I have been to my old primary school and I was really touched by the send-off I got and how keen everyone was to wish me well.  The arrival of the Olympic torch relay in Mansfield was also a special day, and a reminder that the games were drawing nearer.  Despite it being a really wet day, it was great to see everyone turn out for such an occasion. 

Holding the torch was also a really great moment for me, and made a lot of the aims I have worked towards a lot more real.   It is important to keep hold of days like the torch relay to remind you of
what you are working towards.  More and more of my life is geared towards the games themselves too, as school is now finished and the other commitments I have outside of swimming reduce.  

One of the most notable things I did was a poster for Variety, which should hopefully be able to be seen at a location near you soon.  The photographer was brilliant, and he got a fantastic shot of me doing a butterfly stroke, rising up through the water.  It is also great to be able to support such worthy causes as Variety, who do a lot to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

 I had better leave it there, but hope to talk to you again before the games. Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you for all the support I have received, and to the Chad for giving me the chance to talk to you in this way.

The arrival of the 100 days to go mark fell as we were on a training camp in Majorca, and it
brought with it a bit of a chance to think about how things are going and what lies ahead.It does feel a bit surreal now that things are so close.  Watching the Torch Relay wind its way through the country, there is a very real sense that the games are getting closer! I am proud that I can now actually say that I  am on the  team for London, which was always my goal, so it has been great to be able to accomplish that.It has also been great to get lots of kind messages from people locally.The support of people around Kirkby, Mansfield and Nottinghamshire means a lot to me.

On the other hand, it is very much a case of business as usual.I know there is still a lot of hard work to do with my coaches, and that I just have to take things a day at a time and make the most of each session we have in the water.Going to Majorca was a good chance to get some time in a 50m long course swimming pool like the one we will be swimming in at the aquatics centre. 

Outside of the water there have been exciting things happening too.I have just started to work with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, a cause close to my heart.  I will be working with them around lots of different issues and want to highlight the good work that the charity does to educate and raise awareness  about muscular dystrophy.School is also keeping me busy as I sat  some A Level biology exams whilst I was out in Majorca, so there are always plenty of things to think about.I enjoy school and spending time with my friends is important to me.   
A training session awaits me now, but I will write again soon!


"Confirmed Selected" were the two words that confirmed I had achieved my dream of making the Great Britain team for the London 2012 Paralympics. They came not long after I had swam well in Sheffield at our second trials.  Working with my coaches  Glenn, Jill and Tim we’ve been building to this point for a long time.  Seeing my name amongst the list of those who had been confirmed as being selected made all that hard work  worthwhile and I am now very excited.  
I also know that there is lots of training between now and the games in order that I can go and
do my best.  Being able to swim for my country is always a great honour and privilege, and to be able to do that with the support of a home crowd will be so special.  It is the kind of thing you dream of being able to do, and I can’t wait.  At the same time though, I know that my job is just to take things a day at a time and make each training session count between now and the start of the games.  
I would also like to say thank you to all of those people who have supported me to get to this point, especially my coaches and all at Nova Centurion.  The support I have had from the local area has been fantastic, especially from Active Ashfield, Mansfield District Council and Nottingham City Council.  My school and friends are also really important to me too so a big thanks to all at Ashfield.  I have also received some very generous help from SportsAid which I am really grateful for.

Looking forward to talking with you again soon!  In the meantime, please keep visiting my website and Facebook page as both will be regularly updated over the coming weeks and


Hi All,
Well 2012 is here, and we have just passed the 200 Day mark to the London 2012 Paralympic games!  2011 ended well in the pool for me in both competition and training and Iended the year knowing i had put some strong work in! I had a few days off over Christmas and New Year but maintaining training  was a priority.  I have not long returned from a 2 week GB Training camp in South Africa The camp went very well and again some good work done and it was also a very nice escape from winter weather!

It is now only a few days until the first London 2012 Trials which are going 
to be taking place at the Aquatic Pool (3 - 10 March) which is all verye xciting! :)  All my preparation is vital both in the pool and also dry land work 
together with  rest and recovery so hopefully I am ready to race in the best possible shape and hit my qualification times.
Talk to you again soon, and thank you for all your support,

Hello and welcome to my blog!  Over the next few weeks and months i'll be blogging about my preparations to qualify for the London 2012 Paralympic Games and sharing a few stories along the way.  If you'd like to comment or get in touch, please feel free to do so, and i'll talk to you again soon :)