Oliver (Ollie) Hynd is a British para-swimmer. He started swimming at a young age, but it was when he turned 9 that he started to swim for more than fun. Then in 2008, Ollie went to the Beijing Paralympic Games as a spectator in support of his brother Sam, who went on to win gold and set a new world record. Ollie retuned inspired to swim as fast and as competitively as his brother and in doing so has become one of the greatest Paralympian's in British swimming history. A true legacy of inspiration in sport.


Oliver Hynd Profile

Full name: Oliver William Hynd

Hometown: Sutton in Ashfield

Date of birth: 27. 10. 1994

Club: Nova Centurion

Classification: S8, SB8 and SM8

Like so many have done before me, including my brother, Sam, and sporting hero, Michael Phelps, I hope to inspire others, particularly young people, to dream because dreams can come true.

We all need a dream to inspire and motivate us to push forward in life. Along the way to making your dream a reality there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome for sure. But, through hard work, commitment, dedication and perseverance I believe you can overcome almost any challenge that comes your way.