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BLOG - Blog - Speedo HQ Visit  

Hi everyone! So as some of you may or may not know I recently signed with speedo and became one of their athlete brand ambassadors for the lead up to the Rio 2016 games.  This is a hugely exciting opportunity for me to work with not only the biggest swimwear brand in the world, but also a brand I have worn my entire swimming career and a brand that means a lot to me personally.  

One of my first comitments with speedo was to go down to their ‘HQ’ in Nottingham and meet all the staff and have a look around the offices.  It is an amazing office where every member of staff there is looking to improve the quality of the speedo brand!  The most exciting part about my tour was going into the Aqualab where all the gear and technology is created and tested! It was fascinating to see all the hard work and innovation that goes on in the lab to create what most of us swimmers take for granted!  I even got to have a go at making my own personalised speedos! They of course had my name written in nova green on them.

Having the backing and sponsorship of a massive company like speedo is a great motivator for the year to come!