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BLOG - Dark mornings, early starts! How do I do it?  

We’re now a couple of weeks into the new season, so for most of us swimmers that means seemingly never ending sessions in the pool and in the gym, swimming meters after meters trying to build as much aerobic fitness and base strength in the gym as we possibly can. This can be a hard grind as it is right? Well how about throwing in the increasingly dark, cold and wet mornings that inevitably come with this time of year.  This can make rolling out of bed early in the morning and going to the pool to log that 6000 meters that your coach has set out for you an even more difficult task! At this point our summer breaks consisting of lying in late into the mornings and eating whatever we want seems like forever ago!

So how do we go about battling against these cold winter months and making the most of our winter training?  I’ve come up with my three best tips to make the most of your training during this time. 

  1. Write your goals down at the beginning of the season and put them somewhere you will see them all the time, even early in the morning!  It seems like and obvious one, but most swimmers don’t write their goals down, and so they sometimes lose their way during the season and lose sight on what they’re trying to achieve! Focus is key to success!!!
  2. Get into a good routine early on!! Make sure from day one of training you’re getting yourself into a good routine of having all your kit ready the night before your training! It means you have one less thing to think about when you wake up early! This applies with your nutrition and recovery strategies as well!
  3. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep! This is especially important in the winter months, with all the aerobic training you’re doing you’re more likely to pick up an illness or injury and that’s the last thing you want at the beginning of your training!

But the most important part of winter training is to have fun! Make the most of every day!

Happy training! J

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